Brendan Smith interview

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hey! Look what I can do!

I was checking out A2Y the other day and lo and behold, Malik had posted a bunch of highlight videos from various websites. I noticed the NESN video, decided to take a look, and realized, hey! I edited those highlights and created those fonts! So yeah...check out my work above if you haven't already. I didn't do the editing for the whole video, just the actual game highlights, but I did create the score font and the name fonts for the Naoko and the player sound at the end. I also created the full page graphic at the end entitled "Swept Away."  It was one hell of a enjoyable weekend watching the Wings crush the Bruins and demoralize their fan base.  They might be better at baseball, basketball, and football, but we still own Beantown in hockey.

We're taking on Team Stevie on Thursday.

Brad Stuart days until H2H2 (and he may return Thursday or Friday too).

Get pumped.


At the pregame meet up in Boston for Red Wings fans, I was interviewed by the Red Wings official Hockeytown Blog about my blog, all blogs, social media and more.  Figured I might as well post this and share in case you haven't seen it.

Let's Go Red Wings.