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Friday, September 10, 2010

119 Predictions for the 2010-2011 season

It's that time of year again.  Hockey season is upon us.  Before we know it, prospects camp will be over, training camp will finished, the preseason will have expired, and the Wings will be opening the season against those pesky Ducks that we love to hate.

It's also that time of year that us bloggers start churning out our season previews.  Now, if you're looking for some in depth previews on defensive pairings, like at Winging It In Motown, or previews of the forward lines, like at Fight Night at the Joe, well, then you've come to the wrong place. 

Instead, here at the Brendan Smithsonian Institution, I've decided to give some predictions.  Not just one or two predictions though...but 119 predictions for the upcoming season.  So sit back, grab a cup of Joe, and enjoy.

1. Jimmy Howard will not have a sophomore slump.

2. Brendan Smith will play at least one game this season.

3. The biggest losing streak the Wings will have all season is three games.

4. Detroit will have four all-stars this season.

5. Nick Lidstrom will be a Norris trophy finalist.

6. <----- the number of overtime losses for the Wings.

7. No playoff series involving Detroit will go seven games.

8. Abby will win a fight.

9. GUEST PREDICTION: Jesse Liebman from Last Call Sports and The Good Old Hockey Show - "Mike Modano will put up 35+ points."

10. <----- the number of games the Lions will win......just kidding! I prediction six wins.

11. I honestly have no idea which Danny Cleary we will see this season, but I hope it's the healthy one that can put up 20 goals.

12. The Wings will win every home opener that they are involved in.

13. Detroit will win the first ever game at the Consol Energy Center.

14. Hank will continue to shut down Crosby.

15. No Red Wing will take home an trophy at the NHL Awards.

16. GUEST PREDICTION: Uncle Leon - "Wings will have another 100+ points, take the Central division, and finish 1st or 2nd in the West."

17. Eaves will not have a shootout attempt (thank goodness).

18. This will be Kirk Maltby's last season.

19. Steve Yzerman will still be my favorite player of all time.

20. I really hope Miller doesn't get traded.

21. The Wings will take home their 19th division title.

22. Kenny will not make any major trades at the deadline.

23. Brad Stuart will be quietly solid.

24. <----- number of games the Red Wings will lose.

25. Darren McCarty will get even better at his VS. gig.

26. Happy Hudler won't miss a beat in his return season.  He'll put up 60+ points.

27. Brett Favre will retire.

28. Rafalski will miss 15-20 games total.

29. Jakub "Amazon" Kindl will fill in next to Lidstrom when Raf goes down.

30. Ozzie will play better.

31. Joey McDonald will play.

32. I will attend at least two Wings' games this season.

33. <----- number of wins Jimmy will have this season.

34. This will be Kris Draper's last season.

35. My fantasy football team, the Suh Ste. Marie Lionhounds, will win the Fantasy Football FTW! league championship.

36. Paul MacLean will not shave his mustache.

37. I will still hate Mikael Samuelsson.

38. Doug Janik will not play a regular season game.

39. There will be no "intent to blow the whistle" calls against the Wings this season.

40. Hank will lead the team in assists.

41. Johan Franzen will score 40+ goals.

42. I'm really indifferent about the Wings losing Ritola.  I'm Team Miller.

43. Helm will score on a breakaway.

44. Michael Petrella will continue to hate Todd Bertuzzi.

45. ...but despite Petrella's dislike, Bert will put up solid numbers and have a decent season.

46. Kindl will play better than we all think.

47. The Tampa Bay Lightning will make the playoffs.

48. Steve Yzerman will win the NHL GM of the Year award.

49. Detroit will beat Tampa 3-1 on February 17, 2011.

50. NHL Center Ice will continue to make me watch games in standard definition on my HD TV.

51. Filppula will score 61 points.

52. <-----number of games Detroit will win.

53. Detroit will sweep their home-and-home series with Boston in February.

54. Mickey Redmond will complain about broke sticks.

55. Kronwall will play 70+ games

56. Seven goals will be the most the Wings give up in a single game.

57. GUEST PREDICTION: Greg, my Canadian friend (and Maple Leafs' fan...poor guy) - "Stevie Y will overheat in Tampa, resign, and move back to Detroit."

58. Helm/Abby/Eaves/Miller = Draper/Maltby/Kocur/McCarty 2.0

59. My girlfriend Jillian will finally attend her first Red Wings' game.

60. She will also finally wear her Pavel Datsyuk shirt that is sitting in her dresser drawer.

61. She will also not leave for her Red Wings' crush Pavel Datsyuk this season (...hopefully).

62. GUEST PREDICTION: my girlfriend Jillian - "Pavel will say something profound in an interview."

63. I hate Chicago.

64. Marty Turco is the starting goalie for the Blackhawks.  Take a moment to laugh at that.

65. I'm really not excited at all for the Pistons this season.  I find the ego-filled NBA to be really annoying these days.

66. GUEST PREDICTION: Mitch, a Detroit sports fan - "Modano will score the Stanley Cup winning goal in overtime of game seven."

67. Michigan State will beat Michigan for the third straight year.  Go Green! Go White!

68. ...BUT! U of M will go to a bowl game this season.

69. GUEST PREDICTION: My former high school xc teammate and Red Wings' fan, Petty Office Kyle Harris - "Mike Modano will score 50 goals in 40 games before getting injured.  He will come back for the playoffs and score 15 goals in 16 games.  Of course, the Red Wings win the Cup."

70. I will hopefully make my TP:60 debut.

71. Eaves will score 15 goals.

72. Tomas Tatar will play a game near the end of the season.

73. MF'n Will Rhymes will be an everyday player next year.

74. I hope we get an iFilp sighting....Filppula x2!

75. No new players will wear an "A" this year.

76. Emerson College cross-country will win the GNAC championship this fall.

77.  Emerson College club hockey will sadly be sub-.500.

78. Over/under on the number of goals I score this season is 2 (I highly suggest you take the under).

79. I take pride in being a stay-at-home-defenseman.

80. Hudler will be king of the second power play unit.

81. Murph will be excited for $1 hot dog night.

82. GUEST PREDICTION: Petty Officer Harris #2 - "Ozzie will get his starting gig bac,.  It's a fact, son.  Can't keep him down!"

83. Lebda will be a minus-3 in his first game against Detroit.

84. The penalty kill will improve.

85. We'll see a lot of Filppula on the PK.

86. Wings will score 10 short-handed goals.

88. The power play will lead the league.

89. H2H2 will be awesome.

90. I'm still SoSodano.

91. The Wings will not win the Presidents' Trophy.

92. Ozzie will reach 400 wins.

93. This is the year The Mule becomes a star in the league.

94. I will miss reading Babacock's Death Stare.

95. ...But I will still love reading TPL, Nightmare on Helm Street, and Malik every day

96. Holmstrom will not retire after the season.

97. The Wings will design a third jersey inspired by THIS.

98. Ruslan Salei will not have a significant injury, but will not play every game.

99. As much as I'd like to, I will not buy a new Wings' jersey this year.  I'll probably wait until Smith makes the team full time.

100. Datsyuk will finally reach 100 points.

101. This will be Nick Lidstrom's last season.

102. Detroit will score nine goals in one game.

103. I will attend a Grand Rapids Griffins game this year.

104. Brett Favre will un-retire.

105. Lidstrom will lead the team in +/-

106. GUEST PREDICTION: Wade Fink of The Honolulu Blue - "Jimmy Howard will have a losing shootout record."

107. <----- number of points the Red Wings will have this season.

108. Mike Babcock should win the Adams trophy...but won't.

109. Bert will spin and blindly throw a pass up ice.

110. ....And it will work at least once.

111. Pittsburgh will win the Atlantic.

112. Boston will win the Northeast.

113. Washington will win the Southeast.

114. Vancouver will win the Northwest.

115. San Jose will win the Pacific.

116. The Capitals will win the Presidents' Trophy.

117.  Red Wings vs. Capitals in the Stanley Cup finals.

118. Franzen will win the Conn Smythe

119. The Detroit Red Wings will win their 12th Stanley Cup.

Lets Go Red Wings

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  1. You can go ahead and throw numbers 44 and 109 in the bank. DONE.

    Good job, sir. Fun read.